Trends Study FAQ

FAQs: The SIM IT Trends Study

IT Trends Study PDF Version

Who can participate in the IT Trends Study?
ONLY SIM members in good standing are invited to participate and all SIM members can meaningfully participate
(including academics, members in transition, and retired members).

How do I participate in the IT Trends Study?
The initial invitation email is sent to all SIM members in early April containing their personal link to the
questionnaire. If you do not receive an invitation, please check your spam folder (and if there, please add and to your safe list).

How long will it take me to complete the questionnaire?
We estimate it takes 15-30 minutes to complete the questionnaire. This estimate is based on over 200 pilot test runs,
but it varies since some questions are contingent on your answers to earlier ones. The average was about 20 minutes.

Do I have to complete the questionnaire in one sitting?
No. Clicking “Next” saves the current page and moves you to the next one. You cannot return to saved pages, however,
if you exit, you can return to the last saved page. Your browser’s “back” button will exit you.

Why should I participate?
1. Benchmark yourself with your peers: If you complete the questionnaire you’ll get a confidential, personalized
report comparing your responses to all responses provided by your fellow SIM members.
2. Help your chapter win money for philanthropy and programs: The SIM IT Trends Study Chapter Challenge
Contest has two size-based competition categories – Small and Large Chapters. In each, the three chapters with
the highest percentage of members completing the questionnaire will be awarded cash prizes. (Chapter Challenge HoF)
3. Benefit SIM: SIM’s IT Trends Study is an important part of SIM’s value proposition with its members, all of whom
get the Study’s Comprehensive Report free of charge (sold to non-members for $995). The Study provides
significant publicity and prestige for SIM as the “Voice of IT” in the IT and business press.” The Study also
continues the collaboration between IT professionals and MIS academics that began in 1980, and is widely cited in
academic journals and in college classrooms around the world.
4. Learn something new: Reading the questionnaire may be educational. Creating it certainly was.

What if I don’t know an answer to a question?
Most of the time, if you don’t know an answer and don’t have the time to research it you can leave it blank or select
“don’t know.” We just want your best, honest answers.

Are my responses anonymous?
Access to data is restricted to three or four of the academics on the IT Trends Study Research Team. All data is kept in
confidence and individual responses are never disclosed to anyone outside of this small team. When reporting results,
we provide aggregate data only (except in your personal report, which is only sent to you).

When will the results be available?
Those who complete the questionnaire will receive their personal report around late September. The Comprehensive
Report will be compiled and published around Thanksgiving. Supplemental findings and other insights gleaned from the
study may be communicated through SIM’s e-newsletters and MIS Quarterly Executive throughout the year.

Who designed the study, and who collects, analyzes, and reports the findings?
The SIM Research Fellows, all of whom are active SIM members and faculty members at leading Universities, conduct the study each year: Vess Johnson (DFW),  Russell Torres (DFW), and Chris Maurer (At-Large).  Several doctoral students and IT practitioners also help with the development and administration of the survey. 

Questions? Contact Primary Investigator Leon Kappelman at