About Us

Each year, SIM conducts a survey of its members to gauge trends within our industry. The responses from our experienced membership helps to benchmark various areas within the IT industry such as major issues, technologies, sourcing, CIO roles, staffing, spending, and salaries. The valuable survey input allows SIM to speak with a unified voice for our members, who are among the most accomplished and innovative leaders in the industry.

IT Trends is widely recognized as one of the most representative barometers of the information technology industry, and has been featured in major business and IT media as well as academic publications.

In 2020, which marked the 40th Anniversary of SIM's IT Trends Study, we received responses from 1,005 SIM members and IT executives, representing 624 unique organizations, including 345 CIOs. Click the banner below to see results since 1980. SIM members may sign in to get the the most current report for free. If you have questions or would like to purchase the most current report as a non-member, please contact Lead Researcher Leon.Kappelman@unt.edu.



SIM Research Fellows

Leon Kappelman, University of North Texas (DFW Chapter), Primary Investigator

Ephraim McLean, Georgia State University (Atlanta Chapter)

Vess Johnson, University of North Texas (DFW Chapter)

Russell Torres, University of North Texas (DFW Chapter)

Chris Maurer, University of Virginia (At-Large Member)

SIM IT Trends Study Contributing Researchers

Mark Snyder, DFW Chapter

Kevin Kim, University of North Texas

Katia Guerra, University of North Texas

Smriti Srivastava, University of North Texas