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79% Of CIOs Came From Another Organization


79.0% of CIOs Came from Another Organization!SIM IT Trends Study

Get Your Copy of the SIM IT Trends Study 2018 Comprehensive Report Now!

Are you curious about which IT issues are keeping CIOs up at night, which skills are in highest demand, or how organizations are spending their IT budgets? There is no need to wait any longer since the 38thAnniversary SIM IT Trends Study Comprehensive Report is now available online. The report is free of charge to all current SIM members by clicking on the any of the IT Trends “Get the report” banners on; non-members may purchase a copy of the report for $995.

This year’s Comprehensive Report provides an in-depth analysis of the state of IT in organizationsas well as important trends observed over time regarding IT investments, issues, usage, spending, workforce, performance measurement, operations, practices, leadership, and more. Some of the findings in this year’s report include:

  • -  IT spending is up over 20% this year, rising to 6.08% of revenue from 5.04% in 2016.

  • -  23.4% of CIOs came from a non-technical background and 79% from other organizations.

  • -  CIO average tenure is 6.67 years, well above the preceding four-year average of 5.44 years.

  • -  61.3% of organizations reported an increase in IT staffing levels in 2017 and a rise in IT wages.

  • -  Cybersecurity remains the most worrisome IT issue for IT leaders.

  • -  Cybersecurity and analytics skills are not only the most important technical skills employers are looking for, but are also the most difficult to find.

    For additional details on these and many more findings, download the SIM IT Trends Study 2018 Comprehensive Report today! We are grateful for the financial support of our sponsors, who help to ensure this annual SIM program is successful year after year.